The Company

GST-Systeme GmbH was established in the year 1990 with the target, to supply the Gas-, Oil- and Chemical Industries with special products on a high technical quality.

To establish the targets on the market, it was necessary to develop new drafts on basis of existing techniques or to develop them complete new and integrate them with patents into GST-Systeme. Therefore, we use the In-house- Knowledge, which is based on over 20 years experience of scientific research and development.

The result of these drafts is this program of delivery which is also the mirror image of the requirements of our customers. However, even if the tasks are the Separation technique, Gas handling equipments or the Control technique with the area Safety-Equipment-Systems with the keyword: “Mechanical and electrical Interlocking device” – we as supplier and responsible company for these systems keep our promises.

Depending on the international customers, we work very close with other companies together which have the same tasks.

International competitive ability, innovative products which will be further developed on the special requests of our customers is the result of this cooperation.

If you do not know our company yet, do not hesitate to test us and become our customer, who attaches great importance to competence, individual care, commitment and delivery time.


Your team of GST-Systeme